A dog massage brings happiness.

Massage Your Dog

See You Dog Smiling

A Happy Dog is Healthy, a Healthy Happy Dog makes you Happy

Do Dogs Love a Massage?

You Love Your Dog,
but Does Your Dog Loves You?

We all know how happy a dog can be. The jumping, the running, but especially the love and trust in the eyes. This show that the dog loves you and that is important.

Still, there are many things you can do to make your dog even happier and that is by giving your dog a dog massage. It sounds perhaps a little strange but we humans like a massage so why does a dog not love it?

Don’t let the dogs out no matter what they tell you.

Massage Your Dog

A massage is good for your dog. It is healthy for a number of reasons:

Massages can be beneficial for dogs as they can help to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension and soreness, and promote relaxation. They can also help to strengthen the bond between the dog and its owner.

dog neck massage

Dog Massage Therapy

Canine Massage Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive ‘complimentary’ therapy, which means it works alongside any treatment your dog is receiving from the vet. It is therefore important to have the consent of your vet before treatment can start.

Give your dog massage therapy using the right equipment. Of course, you are perhaps not a dog massage therapist but you know your dog better than anyone else.

Going to a therapist is a great thing for your dog and having the right tools at home for a daily session makes your dog love you even more.

hip massage

If your dog has injured himself, muscles or ligaments in the hip area can go into spasm to support injured tissues. Massage to the hip area can increase blood supply, which removes toxins and increases oxygenation to injured tissues. Massage will also encourage muscles to relax, which will decrease your dog’s pain.

paw massage

Pamper your dog with regular paw massages, gently rubbing first the central pad, then each toe, spreading the toes slightly in the process. Doing this will help promote better paw circulation and keep a dog’s paws in great condition, and it can be a wonderful bonding opportunity between pet and owner.

massage points

The Heart-7 and Pericardium-6 and 7, the Wrist, or ‘Spirit’s Gate’ There are three important pressure points on the wrist of your pet. The Heart-7 is located on the outside, and the Pericardium-6 and 7 are located on the inside of your pet’s wrist.

ear massage

Your dog’s ears are loaded with nerve endings. When you rub them, they send signals to the brain that do everything from relaxing your dog to increase her production of endorphins, the feel-good hormone. To rub her ears, start at the base of the ear (closer to the head) and grasp it firmly but gently.


Happy Faces

See the happy dog faces. And your dog can have a happy face to after a wonderful massage.

Can you resist such a face? The happiness and love are clearly to see from these happy dogs.

I feel wonderful and cannot wait to get another massage today.


Finally, I can swim and chew a branch and I love it.


Just had my ear massage, maybe my boss wants me to listen better.


Wish to Take become a Dog Massage Therapist?

Becoming a Dog Massage Therapist sounds straightforward because no “official” qualifications are needed. It might be different in your country, so you need to check that.

You can always start by reading a book so you learn to become a therapist who massages dogs or follow a workshop in your home town.


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